On the hydrangeas

the weight of the morning sun

the evening sun


spikes of Buddleia
fade to brown seed heads
Raspberries finish


open floor
satguru's eyes
locked on his
evening commute
lighting dances in the coulds
tracking the sun:
bent tree branches,
drank up river...
zero-return investment
her letter
under my pillow
seated in my chair
I soar over the big bridge
over the railway
the rabbits on the golf course
carry on chewing their grass
sunshine and leaden skies
cumulonimbus in the west
backyard at dusk
sun sparkles in run off
fireflies appear
sweltering morning
soap shoots hot from dispenser
drooping red maple


quick touches
with open palm
satguru's way
all winter concocting
this sweetness
raspberry canes
collapse into the lavender
knapweed's miniature suns
rainclouds overhead
and the funeral
silently racing
afternoon delight
red hibiscus veiled
with black lace sambuca


quick touch
of the open palm
sister telling
about today's sunrise -
white side of cedar leaves
rustling together
dark clouds roll in
a distant rumbling
bin collection day
swollen full moon
travels through gossamer clouds
on an inky sky
sparrows forage
in dappled morning sunshine
the cat sleeps
the roses bloom
side by side with weeds
her long long absence

Sketchbook, Vol. 4, Issue 2
March/April 2009
back from vaction
melons ripening on the vines
green grass in the lawn


clear day
bus in the gutter
by the way
a silent world
no schoolchildren to disturb
Monday solitude


clear sky
puddles remain
in the streets
morning heat
intensified by cloud
a red rose
into the heat dissolving
no thoughts, no will


emancipation drink
with african drums


rain in sheets
flash flood conquers
open ground
from a clear blue sky
bird droppings
July heat
grasshoppers make out
under a leaf
the garden; already reaching
to nurture

..circa 2010; Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..mostly channeled; spirit Ram
lavender batons
bobbing in a weak breeze
blackbirds steal cherries
sidewalk frenzy
the homeless boys fight
for a tossed quarter

World Haiku Review
Vol. 8, Issue 1, Jan. 2010
a whisper of north wind
lifts the curtain --
your finger tracing my spine


independent salesman
another's address
on the cd cart


la nina take its toll
skies not clear
any more


morning light
cat covers all
open places
the hiss of rain
though the long, humid night
a cooling fan
full of the sea's roar -
the crow's nest sways
a blackbird singing
on the roof of the shed
dappled sunlight

Upper Deck

the tree's upper deck;
breeze vies with cosmic secret
to impress an owl

..circa 2004
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
sparrows bathe
in puddles of night rain
reflected clouds
flaming fuchsias
an aria bursts
from a window
up ahead -
washed sky and
fluffed white clouds


sunday morning
born free song
playing on radio
sounds are muffled
under low-hanging clouds
even children whisper
prayer garden
the answered ones
are blooming

For the story behind this, go my haikuharvest blog
plying the oars...
through noodle-infested waters
and eddies of cheese

.circa 2010; Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
light breeze
drops into stillness
the hiss of rain


emancipation day
blip goes the TV's


emanicipation day
the TV screen
goes grey
blue skies return
midnight-shaded buddleias
wait for butterflies
lovers' cliff
a torn scarf totters
near the water's edge

Notes from the Gean
Vol. 2, Issue 1, June 2010
rain-soaked sun
sheds its sultry light:
her bare back
safe from sun
under nascent leaf
a gold fish


lookout my friend
our sky is no longer
clear of dark clouds
the ripe barley
hairy in the sun
a train screams by
the morning breeze
smells of metal and mountains
last of the raspberries
the soothing harmony
of falling drops from
freshly watered leaves
a cow on the roadside
halfway to funeral
crescent moon
fifteen days to go
a star in waiting
cricket song
how familiar it is
my mother's voice

Ambrosia, issue 5 Summer 2010
the little dog
fetching-in the rain
sweeps in on black sails
buddleias tremble

river current's
shifting mirror, view into
the heavens


liberated cat
eyes the window
next door


free sunday
with no wife
nor kids at home


congested streets
yet a free sky
still above
brings a refreshing breeze
raspberries swell
dance across the sky at dusk
parched lawns rejoice

I am defined by sunlight
dissolved by the
grey swell of cloud

Photo Grey Cloud Blue Sky by roujo
frilled poppies
clutch raindrops tight as lovers
lavender spikes
strains of ukulele
fill the sultry night
she fingers the dried lei
and hugs the memories
he left behind

Modern English Tanka
Vol. 2, No. 3, Spring 2008
afternoon showers
wringing the mugginess
out of the air
overnight rain
drips from the willow branches
humidity climbs
washing left out
is whipped by the wind
yellow petals
morning breeze
tinkling the wind-bell -
the master stops talking
against steely skies
spikes of purple buddleia
birds steal cherries
inhaling the dawn

I hoard away its coolness--

before the day's torpor
It comes from within
my soul mate has it too
vacation aura
fresh currant jam
picked from a wild bush
patio yawnings


he walks the streets
descending dusk
curled maple leaves unfold
mimosas close

can i have an editor's eye look at this for me?
so hot!
wring shops will spring up
to dry us for a second
..circa 2010; Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
fallen leaves
caught by a cool breeze
pattering raindrops
long summer evening -
the light confidences
of jasmine


long soir d'été -
les confidences légères
du jasmin

I'll be out until the beginning of August : be inspired and have an excellent summertime !
sunlit lake
dragonfly wings
4 PM-
107 in the city
slow walk to the car

musings at dusk
as garden pants in the heatwave
weeds are flourishing

4 AM-
80 degrees in the moonlight
watering the garden
the air weighs heavy --
our words sink to skin and bones

sun at high noon heat
wilts all within it's wide path
shadows melt beneath

I rise soaked in sweat
it's fluid movement alive
reaching the dry beds

hot dry river beds
fire scorched plants wilt at birth
mother earth ignores
blanketing the sky
we hope for rain
heat wave reurns
brown and tan spread through the lawn
kids walk down the streets
Clematis blooms
in cerise and midnight blue
school prom girls
the frail woman
in a wheelchair enjoys
her cigarette

Sketchbook Vol. 3, No. 10
October 2008

a week without rain
flowers seek the cool shadows
cracked earth trails falling petals

hot day under sun
haze dazzles lily's by noon
summers grip is strong
handicapped outing -
childrens' laughter
drowning out the thunder
you don't know
how hard it is to master
since you've been away
talking only
to a pillow
spring water--
i turn myself into
slope and valley
pass across the evening sky
swifts catching insects
up and down byways
of leaf-shade solemnity
tiny creatures weave

..circa 2010; Copyright Spiros Zafiris 2010
Swifts dance
against the blue sky
crows shouting

Praise Ennobled

summer sky,
outstretched wings ennoble
our praise
..circa 2009; Copyright 2009 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony
aconitum flowers in
tall spikes of evening blue
delphinium fades
from shadow to sun
from sun to shadow
my morning run


de l'ombre au soleil
du soleil à l'ombre
ma course matinale
scraping the sky
from the gray clouds
- the wind
holiday weekend
in an old historic town
tourist season here
dedicated bird
diligently builds her nest
poops on my window
provide a splash of red
self-seeded snaps
watching wildflowers
with their wayward daughter
still hard to fathom
why her mom
left them
long weeknd plans-
chillin', grilling and tillin'
readin' and eatin'
overcast and cooler
leaves fall from the trees
the plum dies
my daughter whispers
"Let it be"