On the hydrangeas

the weight of the morning sun

the evening sun


autumn -
the master spreads his
orange robe
crippled mother
the black of her eyes capture
a sketch of rainclouds
I swim inside the shadow of clouds
autumn takes hold and
on the back of hummingbirds
summer departs --
I touch bottom
by thirsty winds
in and out
morning mists
- end of summer


dehors et dedans
les brumes matinales
- fin d'été
when thirsty –
windmills turning
early commute
heat rises to meet the dawn
summer wind down
fewer blooms on the rose bush
aster opening
a mild scrape
on her knee didn't
worrywart her

..circa Sept. 8/10; Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
warm weekend
enjoying summer's last hurrah
with popsicles
summer--no summer,
the more distant grocery
troubles my tootsies

..circa Spt.7/10; Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram; reaching into
the poet's mind
autumnal breeze -
freeway drizzle
he helps his only daughter
move out

The Herons's Nest
Vol. XII, No. 3, September 2010
labor day weekend
the smell of weed from
the party next door
spun sugar
all over the sky
Saturday market
heavily pregnant
she bends to the baby ducks
at the place
where sun rises
crescent moon


à l'endroit
où le soleil se lève
un croissant de lune
spider cracks
in her sky


A raven's wingbeats 
 throb across the morning sky 
 the rest is silence
last weekend of summer-
enjoying the garden before
it goes to sleep
fourth watch
watering the garden
under the moon
last night's rain
in next-door's birdbath


salient uppercuts,
thanks to the wind, leaves bestow
and call kisses

..circa September 2, 2010
..Copyright 2010 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
bomb-ravaged field
sixty-five years later
a monument to peace
becoming another
stop for tourists

Notes From the Gean
Vol. 2, Issue 2, September 2010
sweltering afternoon
walking slowly to the car
in the back garden
a fox dismembers a bird
red apples fall