On the hydrangeas

the weight of the morning sun

the evening sun


blackbird's song
drifts from the garden hedge
the neighbours, shouting
post brutal shift
waked by a thunderclap
for a hot second
summer heat
gives way to cool clouds
petals fall
phlox are blooming
my tears fall
rising from her bed
she washes nights love away
dripping on the floor
water chimes
over stones - so quickly
the summer passes
shift break
listening to the moonlit rain

Tanka..cantaloups too

this nocturnal bliss
is a fine magic carpet
one extols seashells
as soon as it is written
then, cantaloups lay claim
..(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony
convolvulus trumpets
a mirror in the flowerbed
reflects the clouds
trout flashing jump high
a journey to renew life
begins with the end.
late garden run-
last bag of soil for the season
avoiding half-priced plants
late raspberries
are pimples in the hedgerow
blackberry blackheads
the sound
of running water -
so sharp it
cuts the thick and
heavy heat of the day
9PM shift start-
walking into a sauna
disguised as a plant
low clouds
slug trails across a
garden mirror
morning chores
weed battles, pruning dead blooms
enjoying the garden
delicate flowers
of ladies' slipper orchid
flattened by dog
scolds from a silver birch
erubescent rowan
black flags
flap across the garden
the garden
draws everyone...
a true magnet
..(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
spikes of lupin flowers
become crooked towers of seeds
foxglove spires
checking the animals
to see if
they are still alive--
no a/c
Oven door
the heat pours in
from the outside.
Fourth watch
after the briefest respite
the heat's under the doors
damp morning air
burned away by the sunshine
desiccated slug

Lip lock

salt in a kiss-
the mercury reads

he smiles,
remembering the taste of

your kiss tells me
we only have tonight-
summer twilight
sultry afternoon
birds walk across the street
squirrels under the sprinkler
rain drizzles
out of a darkening sky

Japanese Maple

I'm dry under
the Japanese Maple
watching rain

Phot Japanese Maple 1 by saynine

petals gather sunlight --
lucid moment in this heat
a bunch of kids
squinting at the fan-
time machine
nods with indigo racemes
lavender lavender
weak sunshine
between rain storms
sparrows singing
the leaves will zing
our steps
..(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Hot sun burning
light green leaves
almost shadow

v  Shadow and almost shadow my book and relaxing chair, yes very nice J
wild cabbage
on the cemetery compost
willow herb and brambles
blink of summer
view from the mountain
face of the moon

Treptaj leta 
Sa planine pogled
Lice meseca  
poppy petals
scattered on the path
wood pigeon calling
it's still there
a solemn promise to keep
in our minds
we talk intimately
and sleep back to back
Surprising summer night
abundance of stars
under French sky

v  Discovery by my nightly tours
family reunion-
will it be great or not
how much rum should I bring?
the cat finds
shelter from morning rain
lavender bush

For me

Field Mouse sit quiet still
eagles circle in the sky
light and shadow

v  The Field Mouse we acquainted was though safely around our tent
cooler day
extra time in the garden
walking on lunch hour
appear for just a day
frog in the pond
sultry evening
slowly walking the plant floor
wishing for a breeze
cloud canopy
like an upturned basin
peppercorn swifts
night shift
heat baked building
doubles as a sauna
the last raspberries
appear on the canes
a belt of irises

steamy heat waves roll
over our smooth taut bodies
your lips cool on mine
one for the karma bank
eighty-six degrees in the kitchen
cooking for my neighbor

No AC in the house.
explore the slipper orchids
toadstools bloom for a day
perfumes the morning heat
the cat, sick
evening treat-
trenching out a garden bed
then filling it
cabbage whites
on the geraniums
rose petals
bleached by the sun
torn deckchairs
today's to-do list
clear the hostas
plant pops of color
I ate the melon
and I drank some ginger ale
it must be summer
..(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
raspberry canes
turn autumnal yellow
lavender blues
my eyes catch
the sudden quiver of leaves -
summer rain

south wall of
Notre Dame-- the rose
draws me in

two pianos
resound into twilight...
summer heavens
afternoon to-dos...
garden tips with a neighbor
picking my salad
flowers with deep purple blooms
a bank of lupins
the old rabbit's hair
shining with colors
holiday afternoon -
trenching out a garden bed
cooking for a neighbor
summer's leaves
swept away by chill winds
swifts' twilight screeching

we are young but once
time is fleeting
the rest of our days

American Haiku


purple-blue hydrangeas
lush full
paradise in my garden
go unpicked on the canes
discoloured path

after the rain
one bird, then another
singing the all clear
summer breeze
lilies swaying in the air--
of shakuhachi strains
grey clouds
over the rooftops
sparrows dart
one ice cube
twice the surrender
...endless O mes
(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
last drops -
a bee back
in the lavender


dernières gouttes -
une abeille de retour
dans la lavande
morning heat haze
toadstools in the garden


green shade -
bamboo stalks

dappled sun reins over the shady side if street
I stretch my long legs faster and faster

running the neighborhood
I seek summers riches
clouds of purple hydrangeas

July brings hot summer rays
heating my house beyond living
then, I seek my Air Conditioned room

summertime brings lazy days
humidity ruins all

summers clear blue sky's
happen only in June
humidity fill the rest of days
with sunlight
faces to the sun  -
father mother children
self-seeded parsley
grows through pavement cracks
fish in the shallows
week's end-
plans for a ginko
during the fireworks
late honeysuckle
fills the evening air
sparks from the chimnea
midshift break-
enjoying the sunset
on a coffee run