On the hydrangeas

the weight of the morning sun

the evening sun


open spikes of flowers
strawberries wilt
shift's end-
honeysuckle filled air
slow walk to the car

89-th WHA Haiga Contest
turn pink on the tree
impatient blackbirds
summer feast
a lady with emerald earring
walks her chihuahua
humid night
feeling the drop of sweat
run down my back
summer silence
until the wind
finds this last year's leaf and
starts drumming on the asphalt
a bird cheeps
in the rain-cooled air
mint and lavender
at the mall-
dad and son curled up with a book
under the men's socks
appear for one day only
poppy seeds
along the meadow path
she picks poppies
more poppies
knowing her childhood
lasts in seasons

Inspired by Monet's Poppies Blooming
evening hedgehog
mouth full of snails
just so
pink cherries
fall unripe onto the grass
sour apples
carrot flowers -
a few stars
between clouds


fleurs de carotte -
quelques étoiles
entre les nuages
made bright by raindrops
sparrows bathing

Haiga Online, June 2011
I push the trolley
full of mail up Milestone Road
it gets no lighter,
it seems, but a little goes
and then a little more goes

lawn lies still uncut
he sits day dreaming of love
dandelions in seed
early morning fog
puddles at the bottom
of the runoff
just coming to flower
in the garden pond
basking frogs

an apple
once picked long ago
in summer
by her hand
she must know knowledge within
darkness fills the world

Shadorma poem
morning commute
daylilies waving hello
as I park the car
a tinge of blue
on the lavender

Storm Winds

wind weaves through tree tops
the leaves turn up and over
clouds race the dark storm
4:02 AM
pierces the darkness
self-seeded poppies
flower against the wall
monks hood
back to basics
my lifeline speckled
in leaf light
birdsong and sunlight
a couple of rabbits bound
in and out of shade
a cluster of snails
lilies trumpeting
with orange horns
Melting iceberg

00.23 AM. The night is young and it's me grappling with a stack of paperworks on the desk while some junk emails await for removal. "You need spam blocker," she says, seeing my grumpy face, again, before my Macbook. She stands from her chair, heads for the bedroom and leaves me with my weary head. "Yeah, I know," I reply but she seems no longer in conversation mode.

My iTunes plays Suzi Quatro's Cat Size at the bottom of the customized vintage rock playlist. I take a sip of my coffee, feel how the sediment roughly slides down my throat, and turn on the room TV for a little distraction. The hotel clock shows 01.26 AM, I straighten my back and stop scanning the channels for climate update on Discovery.

melting iceberg
she's in satin lingerie
digesting Rumi
on the pond
a single ripple
from the fisherman's line
damp air
filled with lavender
cuckoo spit
guiding out of the nest
guiding back to the nest
the towhee father
first light
the coolnesss of the air
flees before the sun
shafts of sunlight
against the dark clouds
a crow's flight
dreaming of melon
sun melting on the skin
a spread of gold leaf
that is how I imagine summer--
and not this Northern drizzle
feathers ruffled
in an unexpected breeze
green plums fall
a blush of promise
on the raspberry canes
white garlic flowers
rose petals
scattered on the path
the cat, stalking sparrows
crystal clear night
nearly full moon undulates
in the pond
walking to the car
honeysuckle fills the air
melting the nights's issues
bees gather nectar
the first strawberries are
sweeter than honey
washed clean of dust
raindrops on the raspberries
the cat, damp
among the greenery
a flash mob of sparrows
bees on the lavender
a somnambulistic droning
distant monoplane
the coming of summer
laughing girl in a white skirt
rolls on the grass

(from NaHaiWriMo)
warm breezes hold a sweet sadness --
night train
in the pond
a white iris blooms
a blanket of weed
yellow allium
spreads delicate florets
beside the lavender

June comes...
he just got used to
the hydrangeas

(from NaHaiWriMo)
a grey squirrel
darts up a sycamore
dry leaves skitter


A longing
dawns pink clouds
a promise
En længsel
morgengryets røde skyer
et løfte

Photo: Tavs, Denmark
walking into work
wave of hot humidity
blanketing me