On the hydrangeas

the weight of the morning sun

the evening sun


eyes closed
the roar of a waterfall
inside of me

vault of the pine-branched heavens I open


pond fishing
one leg invades
the moon
(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris


these maples stand guard
oops, a fallen leaf!
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

green pond surface
duck track
visible past

grønne overflade
spor efter ænder
fortidens minder

crane fly in the web
sucked dry:
wings, legs, body, one flat line
murmuring river:
a poet listened to
every day


distant thunder...
cautiously homeward
we tread
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
the sound of loneliness:
curlew on the moor


on the beach,
they discovered string sections
on each other's toes
sumptuous sonatas became
their joined lips too...summer
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
the old gardener
...drooping rose heads


as the rainbow
will soon fade
do not all who witness it
hold their loves more tenderly
..(C)2012Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony


Full circle
cheerfully butterflies playing
making it happen

pulsing cicadas
pull me into their rhythm
a hammock of sound

still pond
in the cool of the day
reflecting Eden
the old school  -
nature gobbles the playground
bindweed picks the lock
weeding dandelions  -
his white head
amongst white heads
dog biscuits
scattered over the path
slug frenzy
still flowering merrily
wet summer

we yearned for the
Forest of Arden but found
just an allotment
dead conifer
becomes a support for bindweed
white trumpets
portrait of a humble bee
happy embracing the rose
could be karma
like birds of paradise
scarlet heads
unripe cherries
already eaten by a thrush
she starts on the raspberries

red columbine

DianART / Diana Teneva's blog: red columbine:

I mage credits: Jo-Ann Ordano
© California Academy of Sciences

five sepals of
a red columbine –
garden candles
and the whine of brick cutters
building site curses
crow squawks
in the early morning light
cat fight
quiet by the gardenia...
quinceañera moon
a distant motorcycle
penetrated the darkness
a fox's bark
summer vacation  -
summer journey
between glittering columns
of midges
dogs barking
in the early hours
catflap rattles
yesterday's summer
fades slowly into grey
a dead sparrow
after the night rain
last of the raspberries
incessant rain
keeps the bees away
fruit goes unpollinated

midday - already 
twilight under this
July sky
slipper orchids
invade the back garden
weed control


muggy days
the  nearby river's breath
rolls by
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
a scream
echoes through the night air
mating foxes
night sky
turns from pink to grey
gentle rain
dawn crow
complains about the rain
cold bed
scattered by cherries
open windows
ladies' slippers
flower profusely
greenhouse brambles
of purple buddleia
among the raspberries
Two tanka for my mother

in wooden armchair
my mother no longer knits
slip, stitch and pass
the piece she made wholeheartedly
was raising a wayward son

the meaning of getting old
my mother told me about
hair loss
I realize how hard it is
to say an early goodbye
next door's chickens
make a morning presence
his dogs bark

yellow roses
fade into watercolours
cherries ripen

Soft dawn

dawn softly creeping
through bedroom window
with a smile
this vacation morning
lavender spikes
perfume through rain-washed air
garden mint
picked over by blackbirds
and the odd guest
among the dripping leaves
and tiger lilies
an aeroplane
fades into the distance
the hiss of rain
tipping the rose
to smell  -
cascade of rainwater
long iris leaves
floating in the pond
silent frog
hanging off the leaves
an orange geum
rescued from a dump
flowers profusely

there is nothing
of the pigeon - but a
garden of grey feathers
a chill wind
the cat stares outside
hoping for sunshine
tangles up the hyssop
wrapped in sunlight  -
nothing unforgiven
chamomile blooms
spread a gentle aroma
summer pinks

..my favorite

my favorite
tree just greeted me back
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
a glint of red
on the raspberry canes
front garden bounty

bright flowers drip honey
sun heat cools in the shade
time passes slowly

hissing rain
the cat beneath the raspberry canes
waiting for breakfast
filters through the curtains
a fox, barking
cuckoo spit
on the lavender spikes
rain-battered poppies
pools of damp
on the night path
slug festivities
late cornflowers
from a packet of mixed seed
dawn chorus
a single crow
in the cherry tree
bonfire ashes
blown by chill winds
lupin spikes
steady rain
the pond becomes a tempest
drowned snail
sea pinks
bobbing in the breeze
a memory of salt
olympics  -
already on the flagpole:
water iris
a counterpoint to fishes
pond fountain
bonfire smoke
from the allotments
wheelbarrow neighbour
rooftop crow
breaks the silence
cornflower bees

cloudy summer--
the old woman walks down
with drifting shadow

summer afternoon--
spending time with the tree
after distant walk

Pravat Kumar Padhy
sudden hail storm
batters the windows
midsummer daisies
wood pigeons
on chimney tops
drooling cat
through the clouds  -
ox-eye daisy
slipper orchids
self seed across the garden

Bright drops of water
Hang on the shimmering leaves;
Breeze shakes rain from trees.
rain returns
cuckoo spit is washed away
lavender stalks
rambling rose
laden with pink flowers
self seeded cranesbill
bulbous stalks
of water iris
darting goldfish
line up for the bird table
rain's respite
peony petals
a fledgling sparrow rescued
from the cat
Twinkling on my lawn,
Baby deer bucks and scampers;
His mother rests near.
spring flowers fade
under relentless rain
textured leaf border
patters on the patio
that wet dog smell
watercolour roses
unfurl delicate blossoms
sparrows pick off aphids
flower from scattered seed
orange poppy
grows between the paving slabs
steady rain
puts out the summer heat
plants drink it all in

summer streak
I wish I were a bird
in the open sky,
full of thin  clouds soothing
the burns with dripping rains

Pravat Kumar Padhy
two thrushes
on the back lawn
tabby cat

The First Summer Day

reminiscent or premonition
Autumn breath
thin ice in June
the blind man
reading the braille
of his opened flowers

waves lightly dancing

waves lightly dancing
gave a forgotten caress
to the ribbed seashore

Diana Teneva

summer does ripen

summer does ripen
giving life to dreams,
fruit, flowers and beams

Diana Teneva

lime-green dragonfly…

lime-green dragonfly…
its wings whizzing gently
on the lake mirror

Diana Teneva

sunset in scarlet red

sunset in scarlet red –
the latest twinkling flash
in my diamonds’ set…
Diana Teneva

at the seashore

at the seashore
the wind of summer through my hair
the shortest night