On the hydrangeas

the weight of the morning sun

the evening sun


fresh breeze
mixing up the crows
with T-shirts

The With Words Haiku Competition 2010



John McDonald said...

love it Alan

Area 17 said...

Thanks John!

I love the communal clothes spinners at our block of flats, and the breeze making those black T-shirts go wild. ;-)

all my best

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Diane said...

Hi Alan, I'm glad you mentioned the clothes spinners, I was scratching my head a little. Here in the U.S., clotheslines are features of long-gone eras in some communities. In fact, some communities have covenants prohibiting clotheslines because they are unseemly. What ridiculousness! I have fond memories of my mother and neighbors hanging out the wash and chatting. Plus, the clothes smelled so fresh! Nowadays they sell bottled chemicals, a.k.a. fabric softener, which mimic the line-dried scent. Stop me now, I feel a rant coming on! ;-)

Area 17 said...

Same thing here, we are not allowed clothes lines, particularly on our balconies, or keep sheep. ;-)

I always like brightly coloured clothes out, but that day it was an all black wash. ;-)

all my very best

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